As part of the Georgia HEART Rural Hospital Tax credit program, SWGA Oil Company, Inc. gave $150,000 in financial support to Memorial Hospital and Manor serving patients in Decatur and neighboring counties.

Rural hospitals in the state of Georgia have been facing a financial crisis for years as a result of demographic, economic and industry challenges. The Georgia HEART Hospital Program administers the Rural Hospital Tax Credit, enacted by the Georgia General Assembly in 2016, to increase funding to the state’s rural and critical access hospitals. This assistance furthers the hospitals’ ability to provide quality health care for the thousands of Georgians who live in the communities they serve.

SWGA Oil Company President Glennie Bench is in full support of the Georgia HEART program. “Georgia HEART donations strengthen our hospital and that strengthens Decatur County,” Glennie stated. “As a business owner, we know it’s beneficial to our company to have a strong, stable healthcare system for our employees to use. Our ability to recruit employees is inextricably linked to strong schools, community services, and high-quality healthcare.” She continued, “I know our Georgia HEART donations are being used to modernize our hospital facilities and equipment, continuously improve quality, and expand services available locally.” She summarized her thoughts by saying, “Why would I send our state income tax dollars to Atlanta when they can be put to such good use right here at home?”