Visitor Information

The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for established visiting hours, restrictions
as to numbers of visitors, handling of disruptive visitors, etc., in the interests of a safe
environment for patient care. Items of interest as it deals with visitors may be patient safety,
infection control, health status, age limitations, patient privacy, clinical concerns, etc.

I. All Nursing Departments Visitation:
A. Visitors include any individual whom the patient or representative designates as a
visitor. The patient or representative may withdraw or deny consent to a visitor at any
time. Facility may not restrict, limit, or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the
basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity,
or disability. All visitors designated by the patient or representative (if appropriate)
have visitation privileges no more restrictive than those of the immediate family.

B. Normal visiting hours will be considered the following:
1. ED: 24 hours per day
2. ICU: 24 hours per day
3. LDRP: 7am-9pm
4. Med/Surg: 7am-9pm
5. SDS: 7am-7pm
6. Swing Bed: 7am-9pm

C. Visitors may stay beyond normal visiting hours, at the discretion or request of the
provider and/or nursing personnel. Such instances would include visitors escorting
the patient to the SDS setting, etc.
D. The number of visitors should be limited to two visitors per patient at one time,
except for the ED setting where only one visitor may remain with the patient; this is
dependent on the discretion of the nurse and/or provider.
E. Children under twelve may visit only if accompanied by a responsible adult.
Visitation by children under twelve should be limited to general visiting hours,
excluding overnight stays.
F. All visitors must abide by nursing instructions concerning isolation precautions.
G. If immediate family or significant other is staying overnight, only one person of the
same gender as the patient may remain in a semi-private room if both beds are
occupied. (If only a single bed is occupied in the semi-private room, visitors may
remain as that of a private room, until such time as both beds are occupied.)
Overnight visitors in a private room should be limited to no more than one visitor,
dependent on the discretion of the nurse and/or provider and available space.
H. A family member should be encouraged to stay with a pediatric patient, especially for
those under twelve years of age. For patient safety, a family member is encouraged
to stay with the patient if the patent is confused and disoriented to surroundings.
I. If visitor is remaining overnight, sleeping options may be requested.
J. If visitors are disruptive to patient care: unruly, loud, uncooperative, and/or
disturbing patient(s), the Charge Nurse is authorized to ask the visitor to leave. In the
event that visitors disregard the Charge Nurse’s request, Maintenance should be
notified during business hours or Security should be contacted after business hours.
If neither is available, the Charge Nurse is authorized to call the police if the situation
merits immediate attention.
K. Patient visitation may be limited in cases of infection control issues, patient safety
issues, health status concerns, patient privacy issues, clinical concerns, etc. The
limiting of visitation will only be used in those cases where no other option is
available, and will be left to the discretion of the Charge Nurse, Provider, or Nursing
L. This facility does not deny or restrict visitation privileges on the basis of race, color,
natural origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.
II. Items specific to Obstetrical/GYN/Nursery:
A. Visitors to patients in the Obstetrical Area will be kept to a minimum (according to the
mother’s wishes) while in labor and during delivery. The mother’s support person and
children will not be included as a visitor. Children under 12 years of age will not be
admitted unless they are the sibling of the newborn baby. All visitors will be asked to
wash their hands prior to having contact with the newborn baby. All visitors may be
asked to leave at any time during the labor and/or delivery process if medically
B. Visitors to the Nursery Area (Well Newborn Nursery and/or Immediate Care Nursery)
shall be limited to the parents, grandparents, immediate family, and/or significant
others. Visitation shall take place at the provider and nurse’s discretion. The infant’s
stability, condition, and wellbeing will not be compromised in order to allow visitation.
Visitors will be required to adhere to Universal Precautions and Infection Control
policies to include, but not limited to:
1. Hand-washing
2. Covering gown over street clothing prior to entering nursery.
3. Nursing personnel shall remain in the Nursery throughout the visit.
C. Any problems, issues, or concerns with visitation shall be called to the prompt
attention of the Nurse Manager or the Charge Nurse on duty in her absence.
D. Each patient having a c-section will be given the option of having 1 support person
present with them during delivery. This support person must sign a consent/release
of responsibility form and must adhere to the department’s dress code. They will
accompany the nurse when the newborn is taken from the c-section room to the
nursery. Minors will not be permitted. Presence of a support person during an
emergency c-section will be evaluated at the time of the procedure.
III. Items specific to Surgery/PACU:
A. Instructors are to make all arrangements for the participation of a student. The
student’s name will be given to the OR Nurse Manager. All patients will be asked for
verbal consent before allowing students to observe.
B. All supply and equipment representatives must sign in at the OR. Their presence in
the OR will be for demonstration only. They will NOT be allowed to be present during
any patient procedure. Exceptions will be at the Surgeon’s request and their
presence will be acceptable for technical advice only. There will be no “hands on”
patient demonstrations allowed in the OR by the representative.
C. PACU visitors will be limited to parents of children and caregivers of challenged
patients. Any exceptions will need approval by the surgeon and anesthesiologist and
at the discretion of the PACU nurse.

Willow Ridge Visitation – Visitation can occur at any time in a designated visiting space.  If resident resides in a private room, visitation can occur in the room.  If visitation is needed during early or late hours, please call ahead for admission.

Memorial Manor Visitation – Visitation can occur at any time in a designated visiting space.  If resident resides in a private room, visitation can occur in the room.