Memorial Hospital and Manor is commited to adapting in the best possible way to continue quality care for our patients.

Amelia Medical Plaza and Memorial Pediatrics are offering home based telehealth visits as of today.

1. Patients can call office to set an appointment just like a regular appointment. Depending on the reason for your visit, we will determine whether a telehealth (virtual), phone call, or in-person visit is appropriate.
2. We remain open for in-person office visits.
3. If using telehealth, all you will need is a smart phone. The visit is similar to a “FaceTime” call.
4. These visits are covered by most insurances during COVID-19 pandemic.

Let us know how we can help you and your loved ones!

For more information call:

Memorial Pediatrics – (229) 246-1209

Amelia Medical Plaza – (229) 243-6900