We want to congratulate Joleen Smith for being our January Employee of the Month! This is what was written about Joleen and her commitment to her patients and field: “This lady works hard all the time. She knows her patient’s potential and goes by that and does not let them give up on themselves. She also goes above and beyond in care while with her patients. She never says “it’s not my job”, and does what it takes to advocate for her patients to make sure they are getting whatever it is they require so they are able to participate with treatment. She builds the relationship that is necessary with the patient and goes above and beyond by learning what makes them feel welcome. She is going to do whatever she can to help them prepare to return home. To hear her talk to her patients, you would think she has known them all her life. She definitely demonstrates “employee of the month” qualities and deserves to be recognized!”
Thank you, Joleen, for being such a wonderful care giver and co-worker! We love having you as part of the MHM Team!