For general School Based Telehealth Clinic inquiries and information, please contact:

Jennifer Wilkinson – [email protected] or see our website at:


For general Telehealth Consultation inquiries and Appt. information, please

Contact:  Dr. W. Price   [email protected]


For specific school inquires, please contact:

Hutto Elementary School Clinic
1201 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.
Bainbridge, Georgia  39817
Telephone:  229-248-2224
Email: [email protected]

Sybil “Michelle”Reffitt, School Nurse

Jones Wheat Primary

1401 E. Shotwell St. Bainbridge, GA 39819

Telephone: 229-248-2218

Email: [email protected]

Christy Harrell, School Nurse


West Bainbridge Primary School Clinic

915 Zorn Road Bainbridge, Georgia  39819

Telephone:  229-248-2821

Email:  [email protected]

Tina Emmons, School Nurse


Bainbridge Middle School

1301 E. College St. Bainbridge, GA 39819

Telephone: 229-248-2206

Email: [email protected]

Cara Lynn, School Nurse


Bainbridge High School

1 Bearcat Blvd, Bainbridge, GA 39819

Telephone: 229-248-2230

Email: [email protected]

Holley Hale, School Nurse