The past few months have been extremely challenging as we have all dealt with Covid-19 at home and at work.   Thank you all for your hard work and focus since the beginning of the outbreak. Your efforts have been key in helping contain the outbreak locally. Other parts of the state are seeing a growing number of cases and hospitalizations and our numbers are trending in that direction.


The best thing we can do to maintain our low rate of infection is to remain focused following our infection control policies regarding the appropriate wearing of PPE and masks at work.   I know you are tired of wearing masks but this the best way to protect each other from this disease. I recently heard someone say “You wear a mask to protect your fellow co-workers and they wear theirs to protect you”.   Let’s take care of each other and our patients by wearing masks as appropriate.


I want to encourage you to wear your mask out in the community when you’re in stores or restaurants and can’t social distance. We, as healthcare workers, can set an example for others in the community. The more people see others wearing a mask the more the more likely they are to wear one. None of us want to see a spike of Covid-19 cases in our community so it is incumbent on us to model behavior that can help get us all safely through this pandemic.


Please join me in wearing a mask and encouraging others to wear theirs so we can keep the community, ourselves and our families safe.


Thank you and stay safe!!!