We want to start Nurses Week off with celebrating Hannah Bius as our Daisy Award winner for the 1st qtr 2024!! Here is what the patient that nominated her had to say: As for many people, no one likes to get sick, let alone have to go to the ER. On this particular day I had symptoms that caused me to visit the Emergency Department. The nurses came along to assist and take care of me, but my appointed nurse, Hannah, was not only very skilled in her job, but she was also very sweet, pleasant, caring, and thoughtful. She made sure all of my needs were met and her voice made me know that she truly cared. She explained every procedure she was about to do and every medicine she was going to give. She found ways to make me comfortable and ensured all the procedures needed for my diagnosis were performed. While my visit was somewhat unpleasant because of the pain, it was also pleasant and memorable all because my nurse Hannah Bius paid attention to detail, cared for me, but most of all, she cared ABOUT me and my health. Thank you nurse Hannah Bius!
Thank you so much Hannah for being such an amazing nurse! We are grateful to have you on our team!