Help us congratulate the winner of this quarter’s “Daisy Award”, Julianna “Anna” Cofty.

Anna is a nurse in our Intensive Care Department who has been with MHM since December of 3022. She joined our team at a difficult time and gave exceptional care and showed great adaptability.
Anna was nominated by her co-worker, Karen Maige RN, for her adaptability and dedication. “Anna came to us in the ICU as a new graduate in the middle of COVID. She had zero clinical experience in the hospital setting as students were not allowed in hospitals. She willingly took a job in an ICS knowing what we were facing. She had to learn and she had to learn FAST! She mastered her skills that she needed and she did this with a smile. She is eager to help other nurses and is adored by her patients and their families. She has grown tremendously in her confidence and the way she interacts with doctors and with other staff. She is proactive when dealing with a sick patient and their needs. She is dependable and respects others in a quiet matter. Anna is a breath of fresh air to a unit that desperately needed help in such a busy time. Not only did she willingly come to an area of the hospital that was so busy in such a bad tie, but she has stayed and has bloomed into an amazing nurse that I am proud to work beside any day!”
We honor and appreciate you, Anna! Thank you for your dedication.