We want to say THANK YOU to SWGA Oil, Inc. for donating $100K to MHM through the GA Heart Tax Credit Program. Glennie Bench had this to say about the program and our hospital: “Although the public knows us as SunStop, Inland, and Total Petroleum, our parent company, Southwest Georgia Oil Company, Inc. is proud to support Memorial Hospital and Manor. Georgia Heart donations – which allow our state income tax dollars to stay in Decatur County – is a no-brainer!
Rural hospitals all over the country have almost insurmountable challenges and we are thrilled that our tax dollars can be used to overcome those challenges right here in our hometown at Memorial Hospital and Manor.
Having donated to Memorial Hospital for many years, we’ve seen how the hospital management and staff have used these donations to upgrade equipment, strengthen quality of care, expand services, and serve our community. I can’t think of a better use of our tax dollars. I hope anyone who pays Georgia income taxes will consider making a Georgia Heart donation earmarked for Memorial Hospital!”