Help us congratulate the winner of this quarter’s “Daisy Award”, Laseanda Stubbs, LPN.
Laseanda is a nurse in our OB/GYN Department who has been with MHM for almost 22 years. She gave exceptional care to a labor and delivery patient and was recognized by the mother of the patient.
Laseanda was described as a nurse who “went above and beyond” for her and her daughter. The mother wrote that she was “very attentive…and helped calm all of our nerves”. She went on to say that she was “very professional…shared her knowledge in a way that made us feel that everything was going to be ok”. When the patient was told that she would need to have a C-section, the mother was “frightened” and wanted to be with her. Laseanda calmed her by saying that she would be the “stand in Mom”.
This did not stop with her daughter, she stated that when her sister came in for surgery in the next few weeks, “yet again, Laseanda was that nurse that went above and beyond”. “She showed kindness and compassion without being asked, she offered”.
Congratulations, Laseanda! We honor and appreciate you.