Memorial Manor – Scheduled indoor and outdoor visits – 2 visitors at the time. Indoor visits in “common area” 2 visitors per resident with maximum of 10 visitors total. Compassionate care visits are only visits allowed in the resident room.

No visitors for all Covid related patients in quarantine.

Hospital Visitor guidelines as follows:

  •   2 visitors at a time for non covid patients on ICU and Med-Surg.
  • 1 visitor per day for covid patients. Must be scheduled with nurse. The visitor will be required to wear PPE while in patients room.
  • 2 visitor per patient for all SDS patients.
  • 2 visitor per day for all OB/GYN patients.
  • ER will allow 1 visitor per patient.  Visitors will be limited as needed per the discretion of the charge nurse.

All visitors will still need to be screened and given a mask by screeners at ER entrance. The screener will ask the visitor to apply visitor tag when entering the building and to check out with screener when exiting through the ER entrance. All IP visitors will be logged in and out on visitor log. All visitors will be given a mask to wear while in the hospital.