Hospital Visitor guidelines as follows:

  • All visitors to enter from main entrance.
  • 1-2 visitors per day, once a day for non Covid patients on ICU and Med-Surg. No children under 18 allowed to visit. Visitation from 7-4pm
  • Covid patients – 1 visitor scheduled per day. Exception, end of life visits, all must be scheduled.
  • 1 visitor per patient for all Same day surgery patients. No children under 18 allowed to visit.
  • 1 visitor per day for all OB/GYN patients. No children under 18 allowed to visit.
  • Visitors in the Emergency Room will be approved by the charge nurse depending on hospital activity.  Children may have one parent with child unless approved by the charge nurse.

All visitors will still need to be screened and given a mask by screeners at ER and front entrance. The screener will ask the visitor to apply visitor tag when entering the building and to check out with screener when exiting through the ER and front entrance. All Inpatient visitors will be logged in and out on visitor log. All visitors will be given a mask to wear while in the hospital.

Memorial Manor – Visitors are now permitted without appointment.  All visitors will be screened upon entrance and asked to wear masks at all times.

Willow Ridge Personal Care Home-

Vaccinated visitors my visit inside the building. Willow Ridge must have a copy of your vaccination card. A mask must be worn if you are visiting in common areas. The dining room is not yet open for visitors and for their safety we ask that residents do not go out into the community yet.

Thank you for your patience and compliance with our visitation schedule. We will move ahead according to CDC recommendations, and of course, giving all consideration to the health and welfare of our residents. – AJ Clark, Director

To ensure optimal safety, please consider vaccination.

  • Vaccinate
    • Memorial Hospital and Manor is offering a free clinic on Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00 pm.  Please enter through the main entrance, stop at the screening station, and process to Patient Access.  Additional clinics will be added if the demand increases.  Please visit Memorial Hospital and Manor Facebook page for most current community information.
    • The Decatur County Health Department
    • Bainbridge Pharmacy, CVS, Main Street Family Care, Nomad Nurse, RxDrugs, and Walgreens are also vaccination locations.