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Belief System

Memorial Hospital and Manor is committed to providing excellent care and quality service to our patients and their families, our guest and visitors, and our employees. To help us provide the highest level of service, we have a defined belief system that all employees of this facility are encouraged to embrace and exhibit. We will communicate this belief system through handouts, flyers, information boards, emails, orientation classes, and annual training classes. All current employees and potential new employees are required to sign a statement agreeing to live by our Belief System. This statement summarizes the definitions of our Belief System, and is an acknowledgement and agreement to abide by these standards and live the values of our facility.

Mission:: Our community, our hospital – where we deliver courteous, respectful, safe and quality care to every patient, every time.

Values: Everyone at this small rural Georgia community hospital is committed to providing the best care for every patient, every time. We achieve this focus through our shared values of:

Accountability: is expected. Everyone is held accountable for their role in achieving our mission. Together we take ownership of our work, are responsible for our own decisions and behaviors, and actively empower each other to be jointly responsible for all actions.

Integrity: is never compromised. Acting with integrity allows us to gain the confidence of our patients, our co-workers, and the community we are here to serve. Each one of us uses our knowledge and understanding of each situation to do the right thing at all times.

Trust: is earned. Trust is the key to all successful relationships. Our goal is to work to earn the trust of our patients, our co- workers, and our community each and every day which creates an environment of safety, reliability, and mutual support of our mission.

Teamwork: is required. Teamwork across the organization allows for the merging of diverse ideas which can improve our ability to achieve the mission. We all interact with others in a manner which is positive and productive for a safe and collaborative culture where all voices are valued.

Innovation: is supported. A passionate belief is each other and the mission of the organization is what drives our innovative spirit in problem solving and continuous improvement. Each one of us has unique talents which are valued and utilized to create innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

Compassion: is necessary. Compassion is what defines the healthcare we provide. Everyone faces challenges that we may or may not know or understand. We provide warm and caring services at all times.

Excellence: is a commitment. Our belief in what we do drives us to be the best rural community hospital in the country. In order to provide for the best outcomes and award winning care, we strive at all times to rise about the ordinary through personal and team efforts.

I attest that I have read and understood the contents of this document, and that I further agree to live the values of this facility and follow all established and acceptable standards of conduct. I further agree that I will be a valuable member of the Memorial Hospital and Manor team. I pledge my support to this facility, and my co-workers, and agree to be an active participant in the daily operations of this facility and patient care. I will provide teamwork and assistance as requested, and will willingly seek ways that I can go above and beyond my normal scope of duties to be a helpful member of this team. I also understand that if I am found to not be living the values of this facility, or if I am not following the Belief System, that I may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

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