Memorial Hospital and Manor is pleased to partner with New Vision Medical Stabilization Services for Patients Battling Addiction

Addiction can affect everyone. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, New Vision at Memorial Hospital and Manor can help. The right path is a few steps away.

New Vision offers safe, confidential inpatient medical stabilization for alcohol, prescription pain pills, and certain other substances. Patients are admitted privately and offered a safe way to deal with withdrawal symptoms for usually three days. There is no waiting list and New Vision accepts most commercial insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and cash pay.

New Vision is a hospital-based medical stabilization and withdrawal management service that is in partnership with SpecialCare Hospital Management of St. Charles, MO and is currently offered in nearly 50 hospitals across the United States. SpecialCare has been providing inpatient medical stabilization in collaboration with short-term acute care hospitals for over 26 years.


Call us today at 229- 243-3385.  New Vision at Memorial Hospital and Manor – Take the first step on the road to recovery today.

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