Memorial Hospital and Manor has received a new supply of COVID-19 vaccine and is prioritizing 2nd dose appointments. Once the backlog of those appointments has been cleared, we will resume  making new appointments.
• If you had an appointment, that was postponed, you will be contacted by the hospital via telephone call and your appointment will be reinstated in priority order according to the date and time of your original appointment.
  We are continuing to create a list of all persons who have called in seeking an appointment and these calls will be responded to in the order they came in.
We regret any inconvenience the temporary disruption of supply has caused you and would like to assure you that we will continue to keep you informed with updates of our openings.
If you are in Phase 1A+ (health care workers, first responders, persons over 65 and their caregivers) please know you can still call 229-246-3500 Ext 565 and be placed on our waiting list.
Stay safe and #maskUp