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Hospital Week 2011

  • Awards for 25 Years of Service
    Dorothy Sarpong is pictured with her award for twenty-five years of service.  Others with twenty-five years of service, but who are not pictured, are Amanda Addison, Marie Parks and Leslie Stone.
  • Belinda Corley and Vilda Jackson
    Belinda Corley, left, and Vilda Jackson, right, received awards for 30 Years of Service.
  • Karen Faircloth
    Biily Walker, CEO, left, and Charles Tyson, Chairman on the Hospital Authority, right, congratulation Karen Faircloth, CFO, on receiving an award for 35 years of service at Memorial Hospital and Manor.
  • Billy Walker, CFO, and Chad Knight, CRT
    Chad Knight, CRT, was selected for the 2011 Julia C. Rogers "Excellence in Service" Award. Knight has worked as a Respiratory Therapist at Memorial Hospital and Manor for 15 years.
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