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Breast Cancer Lunch and Learn 10/23/2014

Our Lunch and Learn held on 10/23/2014, was a huge success!  We had great food, great conversation, and socks galore!!  We learned three very important take-aways from our speakers: 
1)    Early detection of breast cancer is the KEY to survival
2)    Complete a monthly self breast exam without fail and contact your Doctor with concerns
3)    Complete an annual mammogram once you reach age 40 without fail
We also learned about a local breast cancer support group right here in Bainbridge.  They are available to offer support, guidance, and comfort to those women battling breast cancer.  If you know someone that needs their help, please contact lolin229@bellsouth.net.    Other resources have also been posted under our Patient Education, Community, Education, and Resources pages. 
Thank you to everyone that attended this event, and made it possible!  We heard many survival stories, and we know that early detection is the key to beating Breast Cancer.  Together, we can make a difference!




Breast Cancer Awareness


It's official...  Memorial Hospital and Manor is going PINK for October. 

We have a lot of great events going on throughout the month of October to raise awareness and understanding about Breast Cancer.  Our goal is to save at least one wom...an's life this October.  Help us achieve that goal by encouraging yourself, and the special women in your life to know the symptoms and get a Mammogram.  We need your help to spread the word though!!  Together we can save lives, and beat Breast Cancer!


  • Lunch with the Experts:  Thursday, October 23, 2014 from Noon-1:30pm at the Kirbo Regional Center at Bainbridge State College.  Please RSVP.

  • $50 Mammogram special for women age 40 or older that have not had a mammogram since October 1, 2013.  See attachment for additional details.

  • Pink out football games:  we will have pink footballs during our home football games.

  • Pink out Wednesdays:  we are encouraging our entire community to dress in Pink on Wednesdays for the entire month of October.  Come on!!  Show your support!!!

  • And I heard that women that visit our facility during the month of October may get a small surprise in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness, along with any woman that has a mammogram during October.









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