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Decatur County Telehealth Contact Information

 For general School Based Telehealth Clinic inquiries and information, please contact:           

Christy Harrell @ chharrell@dcboe.com or April Aldridge @ aaldridge@dcboe.com

For general Telehealth Consultation inquiries and Appt. information, please contact:  

Dr. W. Price   SBTC-Medical@mh-m.org

For specific school information please contact:

Elcan-King Elementary School Clinic

725 Louise Street

Bainbridge, GA 39819

Telephone:  229-248-2212

Website:  http://www.boedcboe.com/3/home

Email:  cesmith@dcboe.com

Cecilia Smith, School Nurse


Hutto Middle School Clinic

1201 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.

Bainbridge, Georgia  39817

Telephone:  229-248-2224

Website: http://www.boe.dcboe.com/4/home/

Email:  chharrell@dcboe.com

Christy Harrell, School Nurse

John Johnson Elementary Clinic

1947 South West Street

Bainbridge, GA 39819

Telephone:  229-248-2215

Website:  http://www.boe.dcboe.com/5/home

Email:  migriffin@dcboe.com

Misty Griffin, School Nurse

Potter Street Elementary School Clinic

725 Potter Street

Bainbridge, GA 39819

Telephone:  229-248-2253

Website:  http://www.boe.dcboe.com/7/home

Email:  myarbrough@dcboe.com

Meg Yarbrough, School Nurse

West Bainbridge Elementary School Clinic

915 Zorn Road

Bainbridge, Georgia  39819

Telephone:  229-248-2821

Website:  http://westbainbridge.dcboe.com/         

Email:  bloyd@dcboe.com

Becky Loyd, School Nurse



For more information about the Georgia Telehealth program, click here.

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