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 Short Term Care



Personal Care Facility

Willow Ridge, a 22-bed personal care facility, is owned and operated by the Hospital Authority of the City of Bainbridge and Decatur County. Located on nine acres, Willow Ridge offers a safe and secure environment for older adults who do not wish to live alone or for those who may need personal assistance with daily activities. 

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Swing Bed Unit

The Swing Bed unit of Memorial Hospital and Manor provides transitional care for patients who, after acute illnesses, require additional care beyond an inpatient status. Patients may require rehabilitative services such as physical or occupational therapy to help them regain their strength and return home. The Swing Bed unit is a part of the Medical/Surgical Unit of Memorial Hospital and patients are admitted with physician orders. A Registered Nurse coordinates Swing Bed patients' interdisciplinary care, which is provided by nursing, physical therapy, social services, and dietary.

For more information, contact our Social Services department at (229) 243-6100, Ext. 372.



Respite Services

Respite Services are available on the Swing Bed Unit, depending on bed availability. Patients with a physician order may be admitted to the hospital for respite care to relieve caregivers or family members who care for someone who is ill, injured or frail. Although there are different approaches to respite care, all have the basic objective to provide caregivers with planned temporary, intermittent, substitute care, allowing for relief from the daily responsibilities of caring for the patient.

For more information, contact our Social Services department at (229) 243-6100, Ext. 372. 

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