memorial peds
memorial peds
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Our Facility

Our facilities are kid-friendly, culturally sensitive, and we offer a shame free literacy environment.  We take the time to interact with children and parents in a manner appropriate for their ages.  We look for ways to make their visits fun, and try to set them at ease with our approach.  We specialize in kid behavior, and understand that your child may react to their visit with us in many different ways.   We assure you that we understand, and will patiently interact with them.  We make a serious effort to understand the priorities for your children, as well as the caretaker’s priorities.   Our exam rooms and waiting areas are kid and parent friendly.  Our staff ensures that their demeanor and the small things are kid friendly as well.  We love our children, look for ways to brighten their day, and make their visit more pleasant. 



Our staff look for ways to make even the small things seem like fun, and oftentimes, your children may be given treats out of the treasure box for those especially painful visits. We do this to simply brighten a day that may have been extremely stressful for them.


 We even have a yellow-brick road that leads from one side of our Practice to the other side.         


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