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Memorial receives Readers' Choice Awards July 2015

Decatur County has awarded us with 3 Readers’ Choice Awards for 2015.  The Manor received the award for being the best Nursing Home; this is the third consecutive year the Manor has received this award.  Our Physical Rehabilitation Services Department received the award for being the best Physical Therapy provider; this is the second consecutive year Rehab has received this award.  And our very own Dr. Surratt was chosen as being the best Doctor in Decatur County.
We are so VERY proud of this recognition.  Thank you to all of our employees, volunteers, and Physicians and Providers for being committed to our patients and our community! 
And a special THANK YOU to Decatur County, and those people that voted.  We appreciate being recognized by you, and will continue to look for ways that we can improve our services to our community.



Memorial Hospital and Manor receives 4 Stars for their patient satisfaction survey scores April 2015.

On April 20, 2015, Memorial Hospital and Manor received a report containing their overall patient satisfaction star rating.  A rating was given to every Medicare/Medicaid participating hospital in the United States.  Stars were given from 1-5, with a one being the lowest score and a five being the highest score.  Medicare assigned these stars to show how patients graded their stay at each hospital. 

There were a total of 100 hospitals rated in the State of Georgia.  The average rating for those 100 hospitals was 3.2 stars, with only 4 hospitals in the State of Georgia receiving 5 stars. 

The star breakdown for Georgia is as follows:

1 Star= 2%

2 Stars= 18%

3 Stars= 46%

4 Stars= 30%

5 Stars= 4% 

Billy Walker, CEO stated “We are very proud and excited about our 4 star ranking. The mission of Memorial Hospital and Manor is to deliver courteous, respectful, safe, and quality care to every patient, every time.  We are committed to providing care with compassion to every patient, every time.  Our 4 Star ranking confirms that we are providing a higher level of service, and that our patients have noticed.  We will continue to look for ways to improve, and we will continue to focus on our patients, their families, and our community.  Our staff is truly the reason for our 4 star rating, and we want to thank all of our Employees, Physicians, Providers, and Volunteers for providing excellent care to our patients.”

To view the report, visit:   http://strategichealthcare.net/2015/04/19/cms-new-5-star-ratings-for-hospitals/ 

Memorial Hospital and Manor recognized for Antibiotic Stewardship January 2015

 While attending the Georgia Hospital Association Patient Safety Summit, January 7-8, 2015, Dr. Linda Jones accepted a certificate of recognition on behalf of the Memorial Hospital and Manor Antibiotic Stewardship Team presented by The Georgia Healthcare Associated Infections Advisory Committee.  In addition to receiving the certificate of recognition, Memorial Hospital and Manor is listed on the Honor Roll web site [http://dph.georgia.gov/antibiotic-stewardship-honor-roll].

The Antibiotic Stewardship Team is composed of two physicians, a pharmacist, an infection preventionist, a quality professional, and a microbiology laboratory technologist.  The team members are Linda Jones, M.D.; Winston Price, M.D.; Kristin Gawn, MT(AAB); Kathy MacQuirter, RN, MBA; and Ellen King, Pharm.D., MBA.

In May of 2014, Dr. King, along with other pharmacists and physicians from around the world, attended the MAD-ID [“Making a Difference in Infectious Diseases”] Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Her attendance was sponsored as part of the state’s commitment to provide resources and support to participating facilities in engaging in antibiotic stewardship.

There were three requirements for the first phase of this project: (1) Commitment from hospital leadership, (2) Identification of an Antibiotic Stewardship Team, and (3) an educational event.   The educational event was presented by Dr. Price and Dr. King to the medical staff of Memorial Hospital and Manor on November 11, 2014.  The presentation covered the core concepts of antibiotic stewardship.  The purpose of the educational event was to inform staff regarding the need for antibiotic stewardship and practices.  The timing of the presentation was ideal as November 17 – 23, 2014, was designated as “Get Smart Week”.  Get Smart About Antibiotics Week is an annual one-week observance to raise awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic prescribing and use. 

Ellen King, Pharm.D., MBA stated, “The MHM Antibiotic Stewardship Team is looking forward to meeting the requirements for the second phase of this project.   We are also very pleased to have received this certificate of recognition for our work on this project so far.”

Dr. Linda Jones stated, “I was honored to receive this certificate on behalf of the Antibiotic Stewardship Team.  The work of this team is vital to improving the overall quality of care that is provided to our patients.  Our team is committed to completing each phase of this initiative, and I look forward to working with my team members to ensure that this initiative is successful.”

Billy Walker, CEO stated “We are very proud of the staff involved in this initiative, and for being recognized for this achievement.  The mission of Memorial Hospital and Manor is to deliver courteous, respectful, safe, and quality care to every patient, every time.  This recognition affirms our commitment to our patients and our mission.  This team’s efforts are another way for us to improve the quality of healthcare services that we provide to our patients.”

View Certificate 

First Port City Bank honors Memorial Hospital and Manor employees with a grill-out during January 2015

 Employees and volunteers associated with First Port City Bank hosted a hamburger and hot dog cook out to show their appreciation for our service to the Bainbridge Community.   The first cook out was 01/20/2015, and another will be 01/22/2015 for those employees working evening and night shifts. 

We truly do not know what to say to the employees of First Port City Bank except THANK YOU! We are humbled by your awesome show of appreciation, and enjoyed the food that you and your staff provided very much.  It was a fun time, and so greatly appreciated.

 Our employees oftentimes do not get THANK YOUs in their line of work, so it was truly nice to receive a THANK YOU from someone in the community and in such a BIG WAY.       THANK YOU FIRST PORT CITY BANK!! 

 To view Photos from the event, click here.

Memorial Manor received Resident and Family Satisfaction Survey Results December 2014

Results from Memorial Manor’s recent satisfaction survey show that 93% of residents and families rated their willingness to recommend Memorial Manor as “excellent or good.”  The report also shared that the combined overall satisfaction of residents and their families with Memorial Manor was 94% as “excellent or good.”

My InnerView, a third-party applied research company providing leaders in skilled nursing with tools to measure, benchmark, and improve performance, conducted the confidential survey on behalf of Memorial Manor.  The surveys were mailed to the residents or their family members, assessing the perceptions of more than 75 people.  Surveys were returned directly to My InnerView for data processing.   The survey is conducted annually in September.

“We are committed to providing quality care to our residents.  This feedback allows us to identify our strengths and opportunities so that we can provide a safe, positive, and caring environment for our residents.  Our participation in this survey is in direct correlation to the national effort to improve quality of care and operations within long-term care organizations.  Our goal is to obtain as much information as possible in regards to improving the quality of care, quality of service, and quality of life for the residents that we serve,” said Cynthia Vickers, RN, Nursing Home Administrator.

“I would like to thank everyone that participated in the survey process for Memorial Manor.  We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings so that we can learn how we can provide better service to you and your family.  We were very pleased with our survey results, and will continue to work on areas that need focus.  It is always our goal to exceed your expectations, and continue to look for ways that we can improve,” stated Billy Walker, CEO of Memorial Hospital and Manor.

“By listening to the voice of the customer, Memorial Manor has invaluable data to help them improve and deliver a higher quality of care to their residents.  Memorial Manor’s survey results are a strong testimony of the good work that they are doing.  Certainly, there is always room for improvement, but satisfaction is high and at the end of the day, the quality of care that a resident receives is what truly matters,” said Neil Gulsvig, CEO of My Innerview.  

Georgia Hospital Association report shows that, as the state’s economy continued its slow rebound from years of economic downturn, Memorial Hospital and Manor maintained an enormous positive impact on our their local economy.

Memorial Hospital and Manor generates $51,228,918 for local and state economy

 ATLANTA – In 2012, Memorial Hospital and Manor located in Bainbridge, Georgia generated more than $49,273,722 in revenue for the local and state economy according to a recent report by the Georgia Hospital Association, the state’s largest hospital trade association.  The report also found that, during the same time period, Memorial Hospital and Manor provided approximately $2,600,164 in uncompensated care while sustaining more than 1,082 full-time jobs throughout Bainbridge and the State of Georgia.

The report revealed that Memorial Hospital and Manor had direct expenditures of more than $22,423,583 in 2012. When combined with an economic multiplier developed by the United States Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, the total economic impact of those expenditures was more than $51,228,918.  This output multiplier considers the “ripple” effect of direct hospital expenditures on other sectors of the economy, such as medical supplies, durable medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Economic multipliers are used to model the resulting impact of a change in one industry on the “circular flow” of spending within an economy as a whole.

“This new report shows that, as the state’s economy continued its slow rebound from years of economic downturn, Memorial Hospital and Manor maintained an enormous positive impact on our local economy,” said Billy Walker, CEO of Memorial Hospital and Manor. “We are so appreciative to the citizens of the City of Bainbridge and Decatur County for the unwavering support for their local hospital, and we will continue to work hard to ensure that the residents of this area have access to the best and safest health care services available.”

While Memorial Hospital and Manor remains a major component of the area’s economic engine, the hospital’s leadership, like the rest of the Georgia hospital community, is concerned about a wide array of economic challenges that have made it increasingly difficult to meet the community’s health care needs including continued cuts in Medicare and Medicaid payments and a fast-growing uninsured population. Presently, 42 percent of all hospitals in Georgia are operating with negative margins.

“We’re extremely concerned about the current operating environment for hospitals,” said Billy, Walker.  “We have made a commitment to every citizen of this community to be on call for them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  However, our ability to do so is being compromised when a growing number of our patients are either uninsured or severely underinsured.”

According to Billy Walker, state lawmakers must work to protect the state’s health care system with the same fervor that they do other initiatives like education and public utilities.  “Our local health care system is indispensable,” said Billy Walker.  “It is not only the primary guardian of health in our community, but it is a major economic engine in this area that is responsible for 475 jobs directly in Bainbridge.  It is our hope that that our elected lawmakers will do what is necessary to protect our local health care system and preserve access to health care for every resident of the City of Bainbridge, Decatur County, and the surrounding communities.”  

Decatur County Readers' Choice Awards 2014

Memorial Hospital and Manor has been selected by the readers of The Post Searchlight for 2014 as having the best Physical Therapy and Nursing Home in Decatur County.  We are so very proud of both of these Departments!!!  This is the second ...year in a row that the Manor has received this recognition.  Thank you to all of our employees for being dedicated to our facility and our patients!!!

Congratulations to both the Manor and Physical Rehabilitation Services Departments on your accomplishment!  Not all of the employees from both Departments are present in the pictures, and we hate that we could not get everyone pictured together.



  Memorial Hospital and Manor Honored by the Immunization Action Coalition

 We have been recognized by the Immunization Coalition’s (IAC's) Hepatitis B Birth Dose Program for our high compliance rate of Hepatitis B vaccinations for newborns. We were officially inducted into the IAC's honor roll, and are the 11th hospital in the State of Georgia to receive this recognition. We are very proud of all of the staff involved with achieving this recognition! It is another way for us to commit ourselves to ensuring better health and safety for all of our patients.  A very big thanks to Pharmacy, LDRP, and Infection Control.  Way to go TEAM!

 To be considered for induction into the honor roll, the following criteria must be met:

 Achieve, over a 12-month period, a coverage rate of 90% or greater for administering hepatitis B vaccine before hospital discharge to all newborns (regardless of weight).

 Implement written policies, procedures, and protocols to protect all newborns from hepatitis B virus infection prior to hospital discharge.

 More information may be viewed at: www.immunize.org/honor-roll/birthdose/honorees.asp.  

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